Tenicore Bunion Corrector Toe Adjustable Straightener

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Tenicore Bunion Corrector Toe Adjustable Straightener AED149.00 inc. VAT

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Creative Knob Design

The bunion corrector adopts an adjustable knob design. The scale adjustment could accurately correct the angle, which could be loose or tight, increasing traction and improving comfort. At the same time, a bunion-correct big-toe straightener is more powerful and could also used for moderate or severe hallux valgus.

Double Correction

Push the big foot bone while pulling the big toe apart to restore the normal toe fundamentally. Toe straighteners are specially equipped with 3 different angle fixing plates for users could meet the needs of bone setting in different periods. The 15° fixation plate applies to the severe stage, the 7.5° fixation plate applies to the moderate stage, and the 0° fixation plate applies to the mild stage. Help repair hallux valgus, overlapping toes, hammer toes, crooked toes and other foot problems.

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Professional Materials

The bunion corrector is made of high-quality materials to minimize hallux valgus. It provides two sets of adjustable fixation straps, one set is 11 inches, and the other set is 13 inches, for men and women, which are easy to clean. A soft silicone inner pad could be reused to protect the big toe from friction.

Package Contains 7 in 1

Including bunion corrector*1, 0° fixing plate*1, 7.5° fixing plate*1, 15° fixing plate*1, backup strap*1, storage bag*1, and exercise belt*1. Train your toes for flexibility and speed up your recovery.


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