Torras COOLIFY 2S Neck Air Conditioner | Strong Wind Portable Neck Fan

Original price was: AED850.00.Current price is: AED660.00. inc. VAT

  • COOLIFY 2S Neck Air Conditioner: 30°F cooling in 1 sec.
  • 360° cooling effect, HyperVortex tech for comfort.
  • 28-hr cooling time, fast charging, use while charging.
  • Personalize settings via Bluetooth app, step-less control.
  • Comfortable, adjustable design, anti-hair-pinch feature.
Torras COOLIFY 2S Neck Air Conditioner
Torras COOLIFY 2S Neck Air Conditioner | Strong Wind Portable Neck Fan AED850.00 Original price was: AED850.00.AED660.00Current price is: AED660.00. inc. VAT

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Introducing the revolutionary COOLIFY 2S Neck Air Conditioner, equipped with the cutting-edge KU 2.0 Pro chip that redefines cooling efficiency. Experience the remarkable power of instant temperature reduction with a staggering 30°F drop in just one second. The COOLIFY 2S utilizes its advanced cooling plates encircling your neck to provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring an unparalleled cooling effect that promises to keep you refreshed and comfortable regardless of the soaring temperatures. What’s more, the integrated NTC chip guarantees a consistent cooling sensation, effectively lowering your perceived temperature by an incredible 30°F, even in the face of scorching 90°F heatwaves.

Cool That Surrounds You

Elevate your cooling experience to new heights with the COOLIFY 2S Neck Fan, designed to envelop you in refreshing coolness. Featuring a dual-layer design enhanced by four strategically positioned air ducts, this innovative neck fan delivers a 360° cooling effect that encompasses both your face and neck. Engineered with HyperVortex technology, the COOLIFY 2S generates a potent yet comfortable airflow, creating an oasis of cool comfort that allows you to fully savor outdoor activities even on the hottest days.

Keep Cool All Day

Uninterrupted coolness is at your fingertips, courtesy of the upgraded 5000mAh battery within the COOLIFY 2S. Boasting an impressive 80% enhanced conversion rate, this portable fan offers an astounding 28 hours of cooling in its Eco setting, or 4 hours when cranked up to its maximum. For your convenience, the COOLIFY 2S Neck Fan is accompanied by an 18W fast charging cable that accelerates the charging process, reaching 80% battery capacity in just 1.5 hours and achieving a full charge in 2.5 hours. Furthermore, this versatile neck fan can be used while charging, optimizing its operational time to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Personalize at Your Fingertips

Experience tailored comfort like never before with the COOLIFY 2S Personal Neck Fan’s array of customizable features. Seamlessly control cooling, heating, and airflow intensity with a simple tap through the dedicated Bluetooth app. The COOLIFY 2S Neck Cooler also showcases a step-less adjustment feature, empowering you to precisely calibrate the temperature according to your preferences. The ultimate cooling experience is now at your command.

Designed for Comfort

Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort and performance with the ergonomic design of the COOLIFY 2S Cooling Neck Fan. Crafted with an adjustable silicone build, this neck fan conforms effortlessly to necks of all sizes while remaining securely in place, even during rigorous activities. Weighing just 14 ounces and operating at a discreet 31dB noise level, it’s the quintessential solution for those seeking both comfort and convenience. The anti-hair-pinch design provides an extra layer of comfort during use, solidifying the COOLIFY 2S as an indispensable accessory for individuals leading active lifestyles.


Each package of the COOLIFY 2S includes the TORRAS COOLIFY 2S Wearable Air Conditioner x1, Portable Carry Bag x1, and USB-C Charging Cable x1. Embrace the confidence of our 30-day no-questions-asked returns policy, along with a 180-day limited warranty and lifetime technical support with a swift 12-hour response time. The COOLIFY 2S Personal Air Conditioner emerges as a delightful personalized gift option suitable for a range of recipients, from cherished family members and friends to loved ones celebrating special occasions.

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