Flydigi Wasp 2 iPad Edition Gamepad for iPad & Tab

AED189.00 inc. VAT

  • Android map activation anytime, anywhere
  • iOS/Android Universal
  • All iPads except 12.9 inches
  • Android: Tablet with width 117-138mm or 162-183mm
  • Support native App store games
  • Best for Fortnite & PUBG.
Flydigi Wasp 2 iPad Edition Gamepad for iPad & Tab AED189.00 inc. VAT
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Built-in Six-axis Gyroscope

Its Flydigi Wasp 2 iPad Gamepad has a built-in gyroscope with six axes and a micro-operation for somatosensory, which is the ability to adjust the sensitivity. Use the button LT to turn it on. Press LT to switch on Somatosensory, lightly shake the handle to expand the field of view and then lock the battlefield before the time, miles of precision positioning, sniper.

Removable Metal Back Button

The Flydigi Wasp 2 iPad Edition has an innovative, removable metal button at the back. It’s it is easy to install and take off. The metal back button is removable. The back button is activated by the restricted middle finger and adds a thread that connects to the operational. Three fingers change to four fingers, shoot and jump when walking in the direction of the heart and the direction that the hand moves.

ALPS Big Joystick

Flydigi Wasp 2 iPad Edition comes with a new and larger ALPS Joystick. It gives you the most immersive gaming experience. ALPS big joystick, select the shorter or high setting, then connect AB buttons when walking or walking. Jump while walking.

Bluetooth Smart Connection

Flashplayer Bluetooth smart connection technology is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Type-C Activation Line

Built-in Type C small tour activation Line, Android mapping activation anytime, any time, from any time.


  • Seven major upgrades
  • Upgrade ALPS big rocker
  • The trip is more than double the amount of time it took before!
  • With the anti-wear powder, Pom tablets  with silky smooth feeling better than Octopus
  • A detachable back button made of metal
  • The middle finger should be awoken Three fingers at a time, then unilaterally swap four fingers
  • Soft surface Cobblestone
  • The palm should be shaped to fit, and you will have a great grasp
  • Slim body, around 40% smaller than the earlier generation
  • Smaller packages bring more heat dissipation
  • LB, LT upgrade jog button
  • Key feedback is clear and powerful
  • Built-in Type-C tour activation line

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