Sleepmi Snoring Smart Chin Massager | Anti-Snoring Device For Perfect Sleep

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  • Sleepmi Snoring Smart Chin Massager: AI-powered solution.
  • Analyzes snoring habits & offers gentle pulse interventions.
  • Customizable settings & visualized sleep data in the app.
  • Portable for use anywhere, from vacations to the office.
  • Say goodbye to snoring woes with Sleepmi Z3!
Sleepmi Snoring Smart Chin Massager
Sleepmi Snoring Smart Chin Massager | Anti-Snoring Device For Perfect Sleep AED550.00 Original price was: AED550.00.AED399.00Current price is: AED399.00. inc. VAT

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Sleepmi is an AI-powered intelligent device that analyzes your snoring habits and takes gentle steps to fix them. The smartphone application provides visualized data on your snoring patterns, and a built-in sensor monitors your movement.

Advanced AI Technology:

Sleepmi Z3 uses AI algorithms to identify snoring accurately. When it detects snoring, it sends gentle pulse interventions to cue you to change positions, restoring throat muscle elasticity.

Customizable Settings:

Adjust the time and pulse intervention to suit your needs. Delay the working time for sensitive or awakened users. The Sleepmi App displays sleeping patterns, body positions, snoring duration, and trends from data.

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Portable and Versatile:

Take Z3 anywhere – on an airplane, during business trips, on family vacations, or even for a quick nap in the office. It fits perfectly in small suitcases, backpacks, or purses.

Say Goodbye to Snoring Woes:

Persistent snoring can strain relationships and lead to sleepless nights. Sleepmi Z3 offers a unique solution, distinct from other remedies like mouth guards or nasal sprays. Designed to bring better sleep to users worldwide, Sleepmi has helped over 100,000 users stop snoring.

Experience the difference with Sleepmi Snoring Smart Chin Massager – Say hello to peaceful nights and improved relationships.

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