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best beard trimmers for short beards

best beard trimmer for short beards (2024)

Despite the wide variety of hair clippers available in the market, identifying the best beard trimmers seems to be a challenging task. These popular devices are produced and supplied with notable competition; thus, to acquire the best ones, it is necessary to be familiar with different models and the potential advantages and disadvantages of each in order to make the most appropriate selection.

Introducing the best beard trimmers

Next, we intend to introduce 9 models of hair clippers that may match your taste and that you might like. Comparing the information about these machines will help you choose the best option suited to your needs. Certainly, the best option is a device that best matches your financial situation and taste.

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1. GLAKER HC2022 Professional

GLAKER HC2022 can be considered one of the best beard trimmers with a unique design and superior quality above the standard. Notable features of this device include the motor power, which has a rotational speed between 6,000 to 7,000 RPM; however, its lightweight makes it easy to use. Having sharp blades with precise cutting ability is another advantage of this beard trimmer.
Add ergonomic design to the above features to have no doubt about purchasing this model.

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2. Enssu Kids Hair Trimmer Infant Haircut With Waterproof Ultra Silent

We understand that you might need to choose and buy a device for trimming your child’s hair; thus, let’s talk a bit about the Enssu Kids Hair Trimmer, which features advanced noise reduction technology. It operates very quietly so as not to frighten your child.
The blades of this model have a rounded and broad tip, and they are made of high-quality ceramic. These blades maintain a 0.5 mm distance from the child’s skin to avoid any harm. The waterproof feature of this model makes it easy and simple to use.

3. Waterproof Wet/Dry Body Trimmer for Men

Among the best beard trimmers, one can refer to a Philips beard trimmer model that, like many advanced models, has the capability to trim both dry and wet hairs. The precise and powerful blades of this popular device can perform 9,000 cuts per minute. This hair clipper, equipped with skikiq technology, can get close to the skin while preventing any potential damage.

What is the advantage of a waterproof shaver

4. Glaker 2 in 1 Hair Clippers K11S + I11 Cordless Close Cutting T-Blade Trimmer Kit

Another available model that one cannot hesitate to purchase is the Glaker Hair Clipper Set K11S. By buying this, you actually own two devices: a smaller machine with a 120-minute charge and a larger device.
With this beard trimmer, which has 9 different heads, you can trim your hair up to 0.1 mm. The body of this device is made of stainless steel and operates with a noise level below 60 decibels. Its blades, made of high-carbon steel, are very sharp but pose no risk to the skin.
The high motor power, safety, and ease of use are among the advantages of the Glaker Hair Clipper Set K11S, which has the capability of 6,000 RPM. Only 3 hours are needed to charge the battery of this professional trimmer, after which you can use its services for up to 5 hours. Add to the advantages of this device its LED display.

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5. APIYOO T8 Men’s Shaver Beard Electric Trimmer

The APIYOO T8 model also features floating blades that rotate at high speed and remove unwanted hair painlessly and harmlessly. This device is waterproof, and its body is made of solid stainless steel. Its durability and ease of use are among the reasons for its popularity. The battery charge of this model, which is done via USB, allows up to 9 hours of use of the beard trimmer.

6. Hairscape Electric Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

This hair trimmer also enables the removal of unwanted hair in the areas of the nose and ears and creates little noise with 5,000 RPM. The head of this device is also made of stainless steel and benefits from a dust-proof coating. Its blade head is easily detachable and washable.

nose trimmer tips

7. Rechargeable Waterproof Trimmer for Body & Groin Hairs LED Display

Most types of men’s hair trimmers are waterproof and have rechargeable capabilities. These devices, typically equipped with LED lights, utilize sharp rotary blades that have the necessary ability to remove various types of hair from the face to the thighs and remove thick and coarse hairs; therefore, when you go to the market to buy one of the best beard trimmers, make sure that the chosen model has all the above features.

8. Bladelock 3 Electric Groin Hair Waterproof Trimmer for Men with LED Light

This hair trimmer is known for its beautiful design and lightweight, and it also has an LED display. The Bladelock 3 Electric Groin Hair beard trimmer, besides being waterproof, benefits from a motor power that operates at 6,000 RPM. The ceramic blades of this device are ready to continue removing hair for an hour. You can use this trimmer for both facial grooming and other body areas, including the thighs.

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9. Yoose Portable Electric Shaver Hunter Bounty

If you are interested in mini and very small hair clippers, the Yoose Hunter Double Head Shaver might satisfy you. This device is designed to be waterproof, and its blades are made of stainless steel. The lightweight motor of this beard trimmer, weighing 140 grams, operates at 7,200 RPM without creating noise or auditory disturbance, which is sure to impress you.

Comparison of 9 models of the best beard trimmers at a glance

After the above descriptions and introducing some beard trimmer models, we have prepared the table below to assist in your final decision-making and to facilitate the purchase of a hair clipper that matches your taste and needs.

FeaturesNoise LevelQualitySpeedRPMModel
Equipped with 18 pieces Advanced TURBO+ technology with triple motor power for thick hair removalSilentSuperiorMaximum7000GLAKER HC2022 Professional
Sharp R blade with round, broad tip made of ceramic Close to 0.5 mm to skin, suitable for children aged 0-12 years Waterproof Comes with 3-6 and 9-12 mm combsLow, 48 dBHighEnssu Kids Hair Trimmer Infant Haircut With Waterproof Ultra Silent
Completely waterproof Travel safety lock and internal LED light for cutting hair in low light Adjustable comb (3/4 or 5/6 mm)Maximum7000Waterproof Wet/Dry Body Trimmer for Men
Works up to 300 minutes Travel safety lock 440c stainless steel blades for coarse hair removal Adjustable prominent cone lever Ergonomic metal grip with alveolar texture on the handle Large LED displayUnder 65 dBSuperior6000Glaker 2 in 1 Hair Clippers K11S + I11 Cordless Close Cutting T-Blade Trimmer Kit
Waterproof Rechargeable for use on the go Cordless design Floating blades Made from solid stainless steel Usable up to 9 hours on full chargeAPIYOO T8 Men’s Shaver Beard Electric Trimmer
Ear and nose trimmer Comes with a USB type c rechargeable cable and internal lithium-ion battery Rotating dual-edge blades with protective covering 360-degree internal rotary design Made from metal shell Comes with 3 and 6 mm grooming combs5000Hairscape Electric Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer
Waterproof R angled head design to prevent cuts and skin damage Internal LED Lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery Usable up to 90 minutes after full charge6000Rechargeable Waterproof Trimmer for Body & Groin Hairs LED Display
Waterproof Encased in a rechargeable polycarbonate shell for increased comfort and greater maneuverability Usable up to 60 minutes on full charge6000Bladelock 3 Electric Groin Hair Waterproof Trimmer for Men with LED Light
As small as wireless earbuds Alloy body and magnetic head Waterproof Rotary design German steel automatic blade Usable up to 60 minutes7200Yoose Portable Electric Shaver Hunter Bounty


There are a variety of different models of hair clippers or beard trimmers available in the market, which, despite having many similarities, can make it difficult to choose the best beard trimmers among them. By examining the various features and capabilities of these devices and comparing them with each other, it is better possible to identify the most suitable option.

FAQ – best beard trimmer for short beards

When comparing different models, consider their specific features like blade type, battery life, RPM, noise level, and any additional functionalities such as LED displays or travel locks that enhance convenience and usability.

The RPM (rotations per minute) indicates the speed at which the trimmer’s blades rotate. A higher RPM can lead to a faster and potentially smoother trim, especially useful for thick or coarse hairs

A waterproof trimmer can be used safely in wet conditions, such as in the shower. This feature also simplifies cleaning, as the trimmer can be rinsed under water.

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