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Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 | Everything You Need to Know

Fitbit Versa 2

The first Fitbit Versa got many things right and assisted get Fitbit back to the map despite fierce opposition. The Versa delivered excellent physical fitness monitoring a balanced but restricted set of smartwatch attributes wrapped in a fantastic layout and a price point that would not burn a hole in your pocket.

Fitbit Versa 2 can also be focusing heavily on advertising the Versa two’s standout sleep-tracking skills, a characteristic that still does not come from this box onto the Apple Watch. And while this does create the Versa two stand out a tiny bit, it does not take from how the gadget remains lacking a built-in GPS and offline service for important third-party programs.

Thus when the time arrived to get a follow-up it’s simple to know why Fitbit made a decision to follow its winning formula however tweaking it so as to not mess with all the device’s fame. The first major change from the new Versa is that a fresh new OLED display that appears lively and also can help enhance battery life.

There is an integrated mic now around for talking to Alexa and responding to messages in certain programs. The layout is also refined and there is a quicker chip to speed up things.

Fitbit Versa 2 price and release date

The Versa 2 is now available to order through AS2, AED 950, the same launch price as the original Versa.

Color options are black using a carbon instance, petal using a copper increased aluminum instance, to rock using a mist gray instance. And should you would like to liven the Versa two, then there is a selection of accessories available between AED 149 into AED 199.

Two distinctive variations — emerald and plum — equally using a copper improved instance. If you’d like something which stands outside then you may go to your Versa 2 Special Edition that’s available for AED 999 in pink and navy using a copper-rose aluminum instance, and smoke using a mist gray instance.

Fitbit Versa 2 unique variant users receive a 90-day trial to exactly the exact same support. Subsequent to the trial, then you may select to sign up for this support for AED 40 a month or two AED 330 yearly.

Design and Display

The Versa 2 keeps the majority of the design components from the predecessor. Even the squircle’s body creates a comeback and can be as appealing as ever. It is thinner and taller than the Versa however, it does not feel like that. Fitbit has analyzed the borders all around and chosen for one-button design rather than the three to the first, and the general effect is very pleasing to the eye. The default strap which is included with the Versa two-match smooth textures and does not aggravate skin too much.

And in the event the default option strap does not float your boat, then you’ve got a broad selection of Versa straps offered at pretty affordable rates. Although swapping them along with the finicky trap system may be a small pain.

The brand new AMOLED screen about the Versa 2 seems fantastic, is also one of our favorite updates on the smartwatch. It is a large movement from LCD as you may expect, everything simply seems. Colors pop blacks are heavier and also the battery efficiencies which have an LED screen set a cherry on top of a stunning display.

There are brightly colored bezels surrounding the display, but the heavy blacks of this AMOLED display combine in well around the borders and also negates the effect that is bulky. The screen is very responsive also, making swiping and navigation through programs a complete cinch.

Another advantage of an AMOLED display is the capability to own an Always-On screen, relieving the need to boost your wrist if you will need to peek at the moment. This is readily enabled through rapid configurations and will exhibit time together with battery information, active moments, and measures required.

Fitbit Versa 2 Battery life

Thankfully the Fitbit Versa 2 more than delivers in one key area – battery life. Fitbit quotes the Fitbit Versa 2 as offering more than five days use from a single charge, with the always-on display off.

With regular use, I found the claim was, if anything, a little pessimistic. In general, I managed to get between five and seven days out of it. Regular use entailed using the Versa as my main smartwatch and fitness tracker with the always-on display option off. This included constantly checking the time and incoming notifications during the day, controlling music streaming from my phone, and tracking my morning 30-minute workout.

With the always-on display, option turned on the battery life halved, and I generally got around two to three days use from a single charge. Even with the lower figure, this puts the Versa 2 ahead of the Apple Watch 5, which generally runs out of charge in one to two days.

The only annoyance here is that the Versa 2 uses a fairly clunky proprietary charger. This means you’ll have to lug yet another cable around when traveling.

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