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JBL Pulse 4 Bluetooth Speaker Complete Review

Ever miss your childhood lava lights? Miss them no more, as current innovation has discovered you a substitution. The JBL Pulse is a compact Bluetooth speaker that flaunts a 360-degree LED show extending across its whole face. This impact may appear to be gimmicky, however, JBL has, more than four cycles, really made it a significant pleasant expansion to the gadget. What’s more, entirely lights are overall quite all, however, wraps up of the Pulse 4 hold up to its sticker price?

Tech Specs of JBL Pulse 4

  • Weight (lbs): 2.78
  • Battery limit (mAh): 7,260
  • Charging time (hrs): 3.5
  • Bluetooth Version/Codec: 4.2/A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6
  • Yield power (W): 20
  • Music playing time (hrs): 12
  • Waterproofing: IPX7

Sound Signature

Sonic Overview:

The JBL Pulse 4 advances a V-molded sound mark. It has a supported high pitch presence, recessed midrange, and a significant lower register.

Sonic Breakdown:

I locate that many “360-degree” speakers battle to keep a presence, however clear, high pitch. The Pulse 4 is no exemption for this situation, however, it shows improvement over a portion of its rivals that are socketed in at lower value sections, for example, the UE Megaboom. The specific relics that are available with the Pulse 4 are to some degree like gentle bending however are all the more precisely described as the high pitch “straightening out” at specific frequencies. This impact is less perceptible at higher volumes and when the Pulse 4 is being used in an enormous room.

That aside, I never had any issues with my music sounding dull or cleaned out. JBL guaranteed that predictable and articulated upper-register presence is everything except an assurance. I had the option to make out the taking in the introduction of In One Ear, albeit with an incredible level of core interest. 12 PM City’s electric synths were all around conditioned and abstained from getting sharp. The foundation impacts of Little One were perceptible and to some degree vaporous. I was very astonished at how energetic the Show Me How To (Live at the Quart Festival) recording was through the Pulse. I wouldn’t have anticipated that the Pulse 4 should do well with live chronicles, yet hello, I’ll take whatever successes I can get.

The Pulse 4’s midrange is recessed behind its high pitch and bass. This is fairly counterbalanced by its spike close to the 1–2KHz territory that brings for the “fundamental body” of numerous instruments just as most of the goal for vocals. Some inconspicuous subtleties are lost, certain, yet this for the most part clears a path for a more “significant” and “fun” lower-midrange and bass. As this isn’t a speaker intended for engaging, and not for audiophile-grade basic tuning in, I can’t blame JBL for going this course for tuning — particularly when the execution is in the same class as it presently is.

To the extent my test melodies go, I was amazed by exactly how much instrumental partition and surface clear its path through the Pulse’s midrange downturn. Flagpole Sitta sounded especially great, as the Pulse’s weightier tuning pleasantly supplemented the dry chronicle style of Harvey Danger. Lifted’s different instrumentation each holding their particular tones, and keeping in mind that there was unobtrusive smirching to a great extent, it was still truly listenable.

Bass is the bread-and-butter of the Pulse 4. Plainly JBL put a great deal of time and exertion into making it work by the sheer force that the Pulse 4’s subwoofer has. This little speaker is equipped for vibrating tables, work areas, and even the floor of my overhang effortlessly. And keeping in mind that there’s a lot of bass amount, the Pulse 4’s bass quality is good as well.

The low pitch guitars of Moth were pleasantly bodied and conditioned. Gold Dust’s drops were adequately dingy, and In For The Kill’s difficult-to-deliver bassline was conveniently and effectively arranged. I am as yet intrigued by the profundity that the Pulse 4’s bass reaches out to. Its sub-bass presence is coordinated very well with its mid-bass, with no discernible “hole” between the two. Additionally, the mid-bass mixes in well with the lower-midrange. Apparently, the Pulse 4’s bass is on the wetter side which supplements Electric and Dance types well overall.


The Pulse 4’s bundling is adequately defensive, as it has a decent measure of cushioning inside. It is negligibly inefficient regarding volume, which is pleasant, and it’s outwardly appealing and instructive. I can’t gripe.


Development Quality

JBL fabricated the Pulse 4 sturdily. It is significantly heavier than different speakers of a comparable volume from different brands but almost similar to JBL Xtreme 3, generally attributable to the thick layer of straightforward plastic covering each of the 360-levels of the Pulse 4’s external surface. This layer is the thing that permits the drove presentations to radiate through while the speaker is on.

The top substance of Pulse 4 contains its woofer/tweeter crossover transducer. I’d bet that its more inclined towards the woofer side, however. On the highest point of the gadget, you can likewise discover the playback control catches. They uphold raising the volume, bringing down it, delaying playback, and continuing playback. Inquisitively, I couldn’t skip/rewind on my Android or Windows gadget (iOS not tried).

On the opposite side of the top piece of the Pulse 4 is the force button and the Bluetooth/matching catch. These catches, not at all like the ones referenced above, and LED-illuminated. The entirety of the catches are adequately material and are sensibly fulfilling to push down. I didn’t have any issues with miss-presses.

The base substance of Pulse 4 contains its sub-woofer. This is the piece of the gadget that is answerable for creating bass. It works admirably, as I’ve referenced, and this incomplete because of the way that it is raised off the floor by the edges that run alongside it. These are truly all around designed. They’re the correct thickness to be tough, the correct length to abstain from impeding the bass and making a reverberation chamber, and the correct stature to dodge any contact with the floor.


Here’s a short outline of the highlights that the Pulse 4 boats with:

  • Customized visualizer effect via the app
  • Gesture-controlled synchronization of the light show between Pulse 4 units
  • True stereo playback when paired with a second Pulse 4

Apparently, Pulse 4 doesn’t uphold NFC blending, which is somewhat of a bummer. All things considered, given the thick layering of plastic around the substance of the gadget, and the speakers on the top and base, I don’t know where they could sneak an NFC chip in that would work dependably. The remainder of the highlights are pleasant pluses and supplement the all-around great convenience level of the Pulse 4. Fortunately, the JBL application has improved since I last utilized it, as it was beforehand to some degree untrustworthy.


Inside the case you’ll discover:

  • 1x USB-A to USB-C link

It may not appear to be a ton, however, hello, a speaker is a speaker. Inasmuch as I can charge it, I couldn’t care less about frill. The link itself is by all accounts of sensible quality, so in the event that you don’t claim some other USB-C links, you likely won’t have to trade this one for some time.


Pulse 4 is an incredibly versatile gathering speaker. It can get really loud, sounds very great at those higher volumes, and has an engaging light-show impact incorporated into it that is shockingly professional. While it has a few defects in its high pitch that make it not exactly ideal for basic tuning in, it can serve the function for which it was planned very well. It coordinates and surpasses the exhibition of a significant number of its rivals, and with certain decreases in weight and acclimations to the high pitch, it could without much of a stretch remain at the highest point of its group.

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